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Turn Back Time -  Simple on the outside, spectacular on the inside!  For nearly two decades, Prairie Star Gallery was filled with centuries-old art forms displayed in a beautiful century-old building.  Six years after first opening its doors on S. Cliff Ave., Prairie Star Gallery relocated to the heart of downtown Sioux Falls on Phillips Ave.  During the 12 years the gallery was open on Phillips, people were very complimentary of it's gorgeous Native American art displayed in an authentic and relaxing ambiance.  Now we've retired and have closed the gallery.   
The exceptional variety and originality of our art distinguished our gallery. Nearly all the art was from the U.S.; a tiny percentage was created by Canadian Iroquois artists.  It was Indigenous handmade, authentic, and of the highest quality.  The  artists we represented were predominately from Northern Plains tribes, such as Lakota, Dakota, Ojibwa (Chippewa, Anishinaabe), Blackfeet, Assiniboine, Three Affiliated Tribes, and  many others.  We also represented Navajo, Santo Domingo, and Potawatomie.
Preserve the Past -  "The past is never dead.  It's not even past."  - Faulkner
The gallery featured art that had origins far earlier than covered wagons or even horses.  The telegraph and telephone had yet to be invented.  Automobiles couldn't have been imagined.  Neither could the common practice of viewing TV movies  or using a smartphone.  The art we featured preceded all these things.  Now, the gallery closes while time and technology march on.  During our 19 years, we did our best to preserve and promote the art of the Indigenous people native to the U.S. prior to 300 years of European immigration.
Promote Timeless Art -  We were happy and proud to offer to thousands of you fabulous Native art, whether paintings, sculpture, quilts, jewelry, historical reproductions, or innovative crafts.  This art has found a happy place in thousands of homes from all 50 states and many countries.  Thank you for trusting us to serve you for these 19 short years.
  We worked hard to purchase and promote only the highest-quality Indigenous art from Native American artists we knew.  Despite our closing, we hope you continue to seek out and purchase quality handmade Native art and crafts.

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3/50 Project

Prairie Star Gallery is a member of the 3/50 Project , a grass-roots effort with a mission to save the brick-and-mortar stores our nation's consumers depend on. The concept is to encourage as many folks as possible to invest $50 a month in any combination of 1, 2, or 3 store-front stores in their hometown or in the town they happen to be visiting. (

Why is this important? Because unlike some large businesses, most local stores don't receive subsidies from any governmental body - be it local, state, or federal. It's only through your purchase of our goods that we recycle those $$ to pay our staff modest salaries, pay the landlord, the web host, the utility companies, the airport case, the ... well, you understand. We run our store the same way proprietors ran the general stores, barber shops, and millinery stores here in Sioux Falls and across this great nation 100 years ago. Without customers like yourself, they and we cannot survive.

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Retired After 19 Years


'Spaulding' Outside of Prairie Star

Sculpture Walk 2015


Bruce Contway's 'Buffalo Robe' is Iconic

Continuous Beauty Front to Back

Lakota Sculpture - Spirit Dance

Bruce Contway's 'Spirits Dance' Bronze

Woman's Dance Outfit with Breastplate & Fans

The Full 'Buffalo Robe' Sculpture in Bronze

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